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On Wednesday, April 17th, the Wood group hosted their second fundraising event in a series to raise support for the MDUK Oxford Town and Gown: the MDUK Oxford Neuromuscular Centre Quiz Night and Raffle Draw. They raised nearly £300.00 to help support their runners in the upcoming Town and Gown, bringing their current total raised to £826.96 (see our JustGiving Page). Not only did the event raise money to support the MDUK charity, but it also brought the Oxford research community closer together, with participants from the Department of Paediatrics, DPAG and NDCN, as well as raise awareness of the wonderful things the MDUK charity does.

The quiz night was sponsored by both local Oxford businesses and international businesses, including Common Ground, Yoga Quota, Nuffield Health, Linden Chocolate Lab, Oliver Bonas, Waitrose, Partyman, VWR, StarLab and BMG LabTech.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event possible and to all those who participated and bought tickets for the raffle and congratulations to the team for their successful fundraising efforts!