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The MDUK Oxford Neuromuscular Centre Seminar Series welcomes Prof Werner Stenzel, Senior Consultant and Professor at the Department of Neuropathology Charité, Universitätsmedizin, Berlin. Prof Stenzel will be giving the talk entitled 'Myositis- morphology and molecular studies', and the event will be hosted by Dr Stefen Brady



This seminar is intended for the personnel and students at the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust.

Online Seminar – please register in advance for this Zoom meeting.



Myositis is an umbrella term for inflammatory muscle diseases which, however may have diverse pathogenic mechanisms. Identification, understanding and modulating those underpinnings may be crucial for therapeutic approaches. There has been a paradigm shift from relatively simple concepts of B cell- (dermatomyositis) or T cell pathology (polymyositis) and additionally, amyloid deposition in IBM towards a more detailed and sub-entity-specific understanding of certain molecular dysregulations.

In this talk I will address the molecular and corresponding morphological features that we have identified and studied recently and discuss their relevance for possible therapeutic approaches in the future.



Prof Werner Stenzel

Prof. Stenzel is a Neuropathologist and Myopathologist and board certified in general Neurology and in Neuropathology. He is the head of the neuromuscular diagnostic and research unit in Berlin at the Charité Hospital. He also acts as co-Director of the German reference centre of Neuromuscular diseases. His primary research interest is in juvenile and adult forms of Myositis and inflammatory nerve pathologies. Several colleagues from all over the world have spent some time with him in the lab and in diagnostics as well as in research. He finds it a great pleasure to welcome guests but also support their research. He also has a focus in ultrastructural myopathology, which he uses in diagnostic routine as well as in research questions related to the identification and characterization of morphological features. In addition, he is an Associated Editor of the journal Neuromuscular disorders (NMD), and an Executive Editor for Neuropathology and applied Neuropathology (NAN). His commitments also extend to the European Neuromuscular Centre where he is a member of the research committee.For more information about Werner, please visit his website.